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Giving every parent peace of mind with the Parent App.

To help share your child’s development and to make communicating with parents
informative and easy, our Parent App is available to download from the App Store
or Google Play.

This helps us to share ‘golden’ moments like painting or exploring their
environment and learning through play.
Mobile Application

Capturing your child’s early years learning and development.

We recognise the importance of spending as much time as possible with your
child while they attend our nursery and, perhaps more importantly, making sure
that we are tracking their individual development with the Early Years Foundation
Stages. Our ongoing investment in nursery software management helps us
achieve just that.

Our custom-made software is designed to make capturing observations of your
child’s development easy, with the ability to share precious moments at the click
of a button.
iPad Application
Red Butterfly



Take the register as your child arrives


Capture their daily routine: snacks, sleeps and learning


Personalised learning journals to monitor development and plan next steps.


Share pictures and precious moments at the click of a button


Provide access to named family members, like grandparents


Comment and share your feedback with us from home

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